Our Servcies

Easy Registration & CV Creation

We have an easy registration section which allows you to directly sign-up to our network through Facebook or gmail. You can also create a very professional looking CV from our website.

Preference to find a right job

With GetJob, you can setup preference for the kind of job you are looking for. This will automatically fill your dashboard with a list of your preferred jobs.

Workshop and training to enhance skills

We believe that people have a unique talent and trainings will help him or her amplify their talents. The Training section in our website helps you find trainings and seminars to enhance your skills and outgrow your dreams.

Refer from GetJob

Due to the intense competition in the job market, sometimes even a deserving candidate might have to struggle to find a job. GetJob organizes aptitude tests for candidates and refers them to organizations on the merit basis.

Apply for confidential job

This special feature of GetJob helps the employees who are willing to switch to a new job but do not want to look for jobs openly. Specially targeted for the senior level employees, we allow the candidates to confidentially submit their CV to us and let us find a better job for them. All the interviews are conducted within GetJob premisis to maintain the confidentiality of the employees.

Alert & Notification

Jobseekers can setup their job preferences through our preference form. The GetJob system will run the preferences data of each jobseeker and fill their dashboard with the jobs matching their profile.

Saved job

GetJob allows you to save a job to your before immediately applying for the job. This feature saves you from the hassle of finding a job over again.

Favorite job

With GetJob, you can select an organization that you would like to work with and you will receive notifications about the openings in that organization under the favorite job section.

Chat/Email/call service

Our team at GetJob, is always available via Chat/Email/call to instantly address the Jobseekers and Employers on their queries.

Featured jobs

GetJob also has a featured job section, which enlists the jobs from the featured and is regularly updated.

Integrated HR Solutions

Our HR solutions help determine the right mix of permanent and flexible talent to drive business agility, scalability and flexibility across the entire organization. We help you analyze the current HR scenario to compare with the industry .

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We are equipped to outsource your whole recruitment process to us, we will provide on-demand expertise to help with all your recruitment needs for a long term.