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Job description

    • Financial Recording: Accurately record and classify financial transactions, including purchases, sales, expenses, and revenue, into the accounting system.
    • Reconciliation: Perform regular bank reconciliations, ensuring discrepancies are identified and resolved promptly.
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable: Manage accounts payable by processing invoices, issuing payments, and maintaining vendor relationships. Handle accounts receivable, including timely invoicing and effective collection efforts.
    • Inventory Management: Monitor inventory levels, reconcile stock records, and assist in conducting regular stock audits.
    • Financial Statements: Assist in the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.
    • Tax Compliance: Assist in calculating, preparing, and filing relevant taxes, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.
    • Financial Analysis: Support the finance team by providing accurate and timely financial data for analysis and decision-making purposes.
    • Budgeting: Assist in the development and monitoring of budgets, providing insights on financial performance against targets.
    • Audit Support: Prepare necessary documentation and assist during internal and external audits to ensure transparency and accuracy of financial records.
    • Process Improvement: Identify opportunities to streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, and implement best practices.


    • Knowledge of Nepalese accounting standards and tax regulations.
    • Strong attention to detail and accuracy in financial record-keeping.
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
    • Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and external stakeholders.
    • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    • Integrity and commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of financial information.



    • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field.
    • Proven experience in accounting roles, preferably within an importing and trading business context.
    • Proficiency in accounting software and Microsoft Excel.



    We offer a competitive salary, opportunities for professional growth, and a supportive work environment within a thriving importing and trading business. If you are a dedicated and skilled Accountant looking to contribute your expertise to a dynamic team, we invite you to apply and be a key player in our financial success.


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